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When Accidents Happen

At advanced roofing we work closely with clients insurers to make repair work as smooth as possible.  A leaking roof, a collapsed chimney, storms or extreme weather are all common causes of roofing damage that may require an insurance claim.  In the first instance contact us then your insurer and we will coordinate.

It is important to note that poor maintenance of your roof may lead to an insurance claim to be declined.  We offer a free annual roof assessment that we recommend all clients take advantage of to extend the lifespan of the roof and cover clients in the event of an insurance claim.  Some of the most common causes of insurance claims can be prevented following regular maintenance and quick action.

Many homeowners become aware of a roof problem when they see the effects inside the home with a mark on the ceiling and dripping water.

Ventilation and insulation can be another issue where homeowners require assistance from their insurer.  Roof insulation is a great way to keep your home or building warm but without adequate ventilation this can lead to roofing problems.  An air gap of 50mm is required between the insulation and roof to allow the air to circulate, otherwise the air condenses causing damp, mould and timber decay.

Water tanks in attics can also contribute to damp problems that can damage roof timbers.  Advanced Roofing can assist to put measures in place to eliminate damp and subsequent roofing issues.

Pipe Entries – have you had work done inside your house that has required tradesmen to install external piping through your roof?  Often these pipes are patched and taped to roofs which is not sufficient to keep your roof watertight.  We recommend a qualified roofer repair these access points.

Our Insurance Roofing Experience

We were contacted by a client with a snow damaged roof. On inspection the snow damage had stressed the rhones causing the rendered corbel to drop and become dangerous. We reacted immediately and erected scaffold to remove the dangerous corbel while the insurers were contacted. We provided a cost for work within 24hours.

Frequently Asked Questions for Roofing Insurance

How quickly does Advanced Roofing react to insurance/emergency calls?
Advanced Roofing attend to insurance and emergency calls within 24 hours to make an assessment.  In some circumstances such as ongoing adverse weather conditions we may not be able to access your roof in this timescale due to Health and Safety

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