My roof is leaking what do I do?

Contact Advanced Roofing on 0131 467 2786 to arrange a call out.

Director Alan Dall will inspect the roof and arrange the team to repair the roof as per client requirements and budgets.

Why is my roof leaking?

Our years of experience have shown that there are many different causes for roof leaks. Some of these causes can be:

    • Missing Slates Slates are layered to form your roof and keep it water tight. When a slate is missing it creates a gap in the roof allowing water to enter your building. Slates may be missing due to nailsick, weather or deterioration through age. If you notice a slate on the ground contact us straight away, don’t wait for a leak.
    • Storm Damage Storms with strong winds, torrential rain and even snow can cause damage to roofs. Already weakened roofs may be more susceptible to storm damage with slates, tiles, fixtures, fittings and guttering loosened/removed or felt peeled back exposing the protective membranes or building timbers. Storm damage requires urgent attention and must be assessed and repaired by professionals who are trained with the appropriate safety equipment.
    • Damage to Gullies and Guttering Gullies and guttering are part of the roof that channel water away. In instances where gullies and guttering become blocked this restricts the flow of water from the roof. Regular maintenance is required to keep these areas clear.
    • Poor maintenance Many of Edinburgh’s roofs have been in place for over 100years but even the newest of roofs can suffer from leaks if they are not properly maintained. Homeowners should carry out a ground visual inspection to identify if there is any roofing material on the ground or visible roofing issues from the ground. Commonly roofing issues can also show inside with marks on ceiling or the sound of water dripping in internal walls. At Advanced Roofing we provide a free annual roof check to identify maintenance issues before they become a problem.
    • Degradation A roof is one of the most exposed areas to the elements of any building. This means that roofs can be worn over time due to climate and age. Roofing materials have their own lifespan and need to be looked after to achieve their maximum lifespan. Felt roofs have the shortest lifespan and show wear most clearly. Degradation also effects slate, where it can become porous. Similarly, the fixtures and fittings can also be subject to wear. An annual maintenance check will highlight these issues.
    • Quality of Roof If the materials used on the roof are of poor quality, they are more likely to fail. Technological advances in flat roofing products are now guaranteeing extended lifespans of up to 45 years. Advanced Roofing are registered installers of Bauder and Sarnafil roofing systems that use these advanced technologies to provide roofs of the highest quality.
    • Fixings Failure Roof fixings such as nails, skews and even lead work can fail over time due to wear. Nails can suffer “nail sick” and old skews or lead work can crack. Failure of these types of fixtures give water the perfect opportunity to get into the roof to cause leaks.
    • No Membrane Membranes are a protective layer fitted to roofs before the external roof layer. Membranes offer additional protection for the building but these may not be present in older roofs, outbuildings and pantiles. Once water penetrates a roof the water can soak into the beams and roof timbers before showing as a damp patch on your ceiling.
    • Failed Window Fittings Old timber or cast-iron attic windows can fail letting water into your roof. To resolve this type of leak the window will usually need to be replaced with a velux window.
    • Lack of Roof Ventilation Roof insulation is a great way to keep your home or building warm but without adequate ventilation this can lead to roofing problems. An air gap of 50mm is required between the insulation and roof to allow the air to circulate, otherwise the air condenses causing damp, Mould and timber decay. The addition of air vents can resolve the issue.
    • Pipe Entries Have you had work done inside your house that has required tradesmen to install external piping through your roof? Often these pipes are patched and taped to roofs which is not sufficient to keep your roof watertight. We recommend a qualified roofer repair these access points.
    • Extreme Temperature Changes Our Scottish weather can bring sub-zero temperatures one week and sunshine with temperatures in the teens the next week. This causes extreme expansion and contraction that can damage roofs and their fixtures and fittings. Arrange a free roof assessment to identify areas of repair.

Our advice is to give us a call to investigate and assess your roof. DO NOT attempt to go onto a roof without appropriate training and safety equipment. We offer a free estimate to assess your roof and identify the source of any issues.

How often should I check my roof?

First and foremost, only a qualified roofer with appropriate safety equipment should venture onto a roof. We advise that individuals carry out regular ground roof checks:

  • Are there any tiles, slates, fixings or fittings on the ground?
  • Can you see any visible damage to the roof?
  • Is there any visible vegetation on the roof or in the guttering?

We recommend an annual roof check to identify problems early. Advanced Roofing offer a free annual roof check to identify any roofing issues.

What is the best type of roofing for a pitched roof?

At our initial survey we take various details into account such as:

  • Roof pitch
  • Existing roofing
  • Exposure to wind
  • Listed status

Depending on the outcome of the roof assessment colour options and samples of products would be made available.

What does it mean for my roof if my property is listed?

Listed property owners need to consult with the planning department before carrying out work on their homes. At Advanced Roofing we do everything possible to source matching materials to the original roof.
Scotland’s building heritage is very important to us. We frequently refer to our clients as the current custodian of the property. We will advise that only the most appropriate material be used to maintain the integrity of the building.

What if timber decay was discovered during removal of slates or tiles?

If timber decay was discovered, we make an immediate assessment with with costings for the client. No timber works are undertaken without the clients consent.

How thick is Sarnafil?

The Sarnafil systems we use at Advanced Roofing are S327-15EL or G410.15EL membranes. These particular Sarnafil products are 1.5mm tick and come in rolls 2m wide by 20m long.

How is Sarnafil fixed to a roof?

The S327-15EL Sarnafil system is mechanically fastened to the roof.
The 6410-15EL Sarnafil system is fully adhered using Sarnafil adhesive.

Can you choose the colour of your new roof?

Depending on the roofing product there may be some choice of colour.

Do Advanced Roofing provide guarantees for work?

At Advanced Roofing we provide guarantees for all of our roofing work. The length of the guarantee does depend on the roofing product. For example, our slating and tiling work is guaranteed for 10 years. While our Sarnafil G410’ – 15 year guarantee with BBA life expectancy in excess of 45 years.

Will a new roof add value to my property?

A roof is one of the most important aspects of a property and if the roof is in poor condition it will certainly lower the value of your property. A new and well-maintained roof with guarantees can add value to a property. Particularly Sarnafil roofing systems can add value to a property as it is a widely recognised premium roofing within the building surveying industry.

Can I add insulation when installing a new roof?

Adding insulation while replacing a roof is a good time to do so. This does mean that a vapour control layer will also need to be installed to prevent condensation. This cost can be included in your initial roof assessment.

What type of roofing supports a green roof?

Green or living roofs are becoming more popular. Green roofs with sedum systems can be installed on top of a Sarnafil weatherproofing system with appropriate protection sheets and carrier trays installed.
Alternatively our Bauderflat roof systems can also have green roof/sedum systems installed with appropriate protection sheets.

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