Single-ply roofing solution for flat roofing


Sarnafil Single Ply Roofing Membranes

Sarnafil is single ply PVC flat roofing membrane with a BBA (British Board of Agrément, Glossary) Sarnafil G410 – 15 year guarantee with BBA life expectancy in excess of 45 years.  This innovative roofing solution is made from a PVC (Glossary) or FPO material (Glossary) and fixed by approved registered installers via a hot air welding process.  The technology within Sarnafil roofing and this application method provides long term durability with outstanding resistance to weather and UV.  At Advanced Roofing we are proud to be an approved Sarnafil registered installer.

As Sarnafil is a premium roofing option it has longevity that will outlast a traditional felt system by 4 times.  This makes the Sarnafil system a much more cost efficient option in the long term and less hassle for the homeowner.

Single-ply Sarnafil roofing is suitable to both new build and traditional buildings with detailing which is aesthetically excellent.  There are also colour options of Lead Grey and Light Grey as standard colours.  Other colours are available on request subject to order quantities.

Plus Sarnafil single-ply can also offer advantages as it is being fitted.  Insulation can be installed incorporating a vapour control layer to prevent condensation.  In addition, the existing felt roofing does not need to be removed before Sarnafil is applied.  Sarnafil can be applied as an overlay incorporating a bitumen separation fleece.

Green roofs and sedum systems are becoming more popular and are possible with Sarnafil roofing.  Appropriate protection sheets and carrier trays need to be installed with a Sarnafil weatherproofing system to provide the roof protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Weather Resistance In Scotland we are known for our dour weather and we need to make sure the roof can cope with our torrential downpours.
  • UV Resistance Sunlight and UV can cause traditional felt roofs to deteriorate. Having a protective resistance built in provides more defence to the roofing system.
  • No built-in stress at time of production
  • High dimensional stability
  • High water vapour permeability
  • Excellent weldability
  • No risk of delamination or water-wicking
  • Colour options Lead Grey and Light Grey colours come as standard, other colours are available on request.
  • Lacquer coated surface
  • Recyclable

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