Braid Road, Complete Re-slating Project

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Following a full roof survey, it was recommended that the entire house was re-slated.

The existing Westmoreland slate had begun to fail.  A Spanish slate was selected to be used in place of the Westmoreland slate.

Some additional leadwork was installed together with cast iron rhones.

A new dry clay ridge system was installed to all hips.

Decorative work was carried out to the rhones, timber fascias, soffits and cast iron downpipes to complete the works.


Roof Assessment

Advanced Roofing were contacted by the homeowner for a full roof survey. 

From the initial roof survey, it was found that the existing Westmoreland slate had become porous.  It would therefore be necessary to completely remove this porous Westmoreland slate and discard.

A Spanish slate was recommended and selected to completely re-slate the entire house.

Some additional leadwork to the junctions, new rhones and a dry clay ridge system were also recommended.

Finishing touches included the redecoration of the rhones, timber fascias, soffits, cast iron downpipes and bay window.


Roofing Works in Action

Scaffolding was erected to gain safe access to the roof elevations.

The entire roof was stripped of the Westmoreland slate and discarded.  The roof was re-slated using Spanish slate.  Typically, Westmoreland slate has a green-grey appearance while Spanish slate is charcoal grey in colour.

New lead work was installed to all roof junctions together with new cast iron rhones to all elevations.  

A dry clay ridge system was installed to all hips.   A dry clay ridge system is fixed by a membrane installed to new slates by a clip and screw mechanical system.  The benefit of a dry clay ridge system is that it is easy and quick to install and re-install, even in poor weather conditions.  As there is no mortar to fail, this is a long-term solution, to an age-old roofing problem.

One of the most stand out features to this home is the mitred finish to front bay window slatework.

The work was completed with the decoration of the new rhones and re-decoration of the existing timber fascias, soffits and cast iron downpipes.

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