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Project Overview

We were initially contacted by GLM Architects & Surveyors to tender for a complete re-roof together with chimney works, lead work and stonework.

After a site visit and completed pricing tender document, Advanced Roofing successfully won the tender.

Working with GLM Architects & Surveyors as a contractor Advanced Roofing completed the roofing works as agreed within time and cost specifications.

Roof Assessment

As Advanced Roofing were contacted to tender for the work, there was a brief of required works.  Alan carried out a visual inspection of the roof to assess alongside the provided brief.

  • Remove Scotch slate
  • Additional roof protection
  • Slate with new Burlington slate
  • Leadwork to chimney, gutters and ridges
  • Chimney refurbishment
  • Investigate replacing rhones
  • Loft insulation
  • Install new hatch
  • Manufacture and install lead hopper boxes (designed by Antonio Cabello)

Using examples of similar completed roofing works, Advanced Roofing were able to illustrate the required works and provide evidence of the high standards work is carried out to.

Roofing Works in Action

Before any work of the roof began Advanced Roofing attended a pre-start meeting with directors of William Purves and GLM Architects & Surveyors.  The purpose of the meeting was to completely understand the sensitive nature of the funeral home business before starting the job.

All work was carried out with time and sound considerations in mind.

The team got to work by erecting a full scaffold around the building.

The existing Scotch Slate had become porous and degraded requiring it to be completely removed.  Part of the architect’s instruction was to add a membrane breathable underlayer, specifically Proctors’ Roofshield to the roof before re-slating.  The surveyors had selected an alternative slate, new Burlington blue-grey slates for the reconstructed roof.

Extensive lead work was required to the centre gutters, all chimney penetrations and lead ridges.

Chimneys were refurbished in thermal cromex lime render together with lead tray below new stone copes.

Once the scaffold was up, it was confirmed that the rhones had failed and needed replacing with like for like cast iron rhones.

Further work to the roof structure included adding loft insulation to all internal ceilings and created a new lead clad timber hatch for access.

Two lead hopper boxes designed by Antonio Cabello (GLM Surveyor) were manufactured and installed to channel water more effectively during intense rain as a result of climate change.

All works were carried out as agreed within budgets and timescales.

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