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Guardians of Edinburgh’s Historic Skyline

Edinburgh has 50 conservation areas of heritage housing and buildings.  Many of these homes were built over 100 years ago and now have a historic interest.  This means there is a legal obligation to protect these buildings and permission is required for changes.  Alan Dall, one of the Advanced Roofing Directors, will often refer to owners of these homes as the ‘Custodians of Edinburgh’s roofs’.

Edinburgh’s heritage housing is stone built with slate roofing and leadwork.  Advanced Roofing have a wealth of experience working on buildings in conservation areas.  Our team are experienced, trained and qualified to carry out all heritage works from traditional slating and stonework to harling work.

We strive to use traditional materials and endeavour to source materials that match the existing roof.  Dark grey Scotch Slate is the most common type of slate used throughout the city.  Were possible we use reclaimed second-hand Scotch slate.  In cases where we are required to source alternative slate we work to find the closest alternatives such as Burlington or Spanish slate.

Another notable feature of Edinburgh’s Heritage buildings is the leadwork.  Leadwork is traditional and widely used in Edinburgh with classic leadwork of good quality.  When we carry out any leadwork it is to the standards of the Lead Sheet Association (LSA).

Edinburgh’s Conservation Areas

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