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Advanced Roofing were commissioned by architect James Jack to restore one of the turrets to the iconic Ramsay Gardens.

The intricate work involved replacing slating, restoring the weather vane and ornate lead detailing.

Roof Assessment

Advanced Roofing were commissioned by renowned architect James Jack to do a full survey to one of the many turrets that adorn this prestigious site.

The Westmoreland slate had become porous and needed to be replaced.

The ornamental weather vane and lead ball detail were to be refurbished and renewed.

Once the project was accepted Scott Fyfe manages the start dates, material and scaffold orders and also allocating labour specific to the job.

The Roofing Works in Action

The turret section was clad in small Westmoreland slates, also known as Green Peggies, that had become porous over time. It was necessary to completely discard these slates and source a quality replacement. As this is a listed building we worked with Edinburgh City Council planners, who deemed Cupa Spanish slate to the most suitable replacement.

Work on the weather vane began by completely striping back and re-coating with a striking “Gold Leaf” finish.

The lead ball and associated scallop detail were completely renewed to exactly match the existing.

The result

Overall the project was carried out exactly as planned. This included the labour intensive cutting, marking cut and exact finishing of the slating to this wonderful landmark turret.

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